25 Interior Design Rules You Should Actually Follow

Whoever originally said that rules were meant to be broken definitely worked in interior design. It doesn't matter if you live in a teeny, tiny apartment or sprawling beachside bungalow: Decorating your home is all about throwing out the rulebook.

Why have a cookie-cutter interior when your space can reflect your beautiful, unique aesthetic? Whether you're power-clashing ikat and tartan or blending two unlikely styles together, the best things happen when you go against the grain.

That being said, there are some basic ground rules that are worth noting. Make no mistake, these rules aren't meant to reign in your personal style. On the contrary, they exist to make sure your room looks its absolute best. 

Curious to see which rules actually matter, we turned to some of our favorite design experts. Some of their answers are practical, while others are more abstract. But once you nail down these must-follow rules, the rest is up to you.