Design Build Services

Our turn-key design and build services are customized for each client. We think of every detail, whether it’s a custom-built mudroom storage for pool and ski gear or stocking your cupboards with sheets, towels and a full set of dishes. Quality amenities, easy-to-navigate layouts and elegant transitions between rooms are a must in every design. Practicality is also a priority. I like to work with eco-friendly materials that are durable and safe for your home and create simplicity and structure. To me, the modern family has to work on editing rather than acquiring.

A Seamless Process

We pride ourselves on quick, accurate decision-making and strong systems to deliver a beautiful quality product. We specify custom and artisan-made products and manage every detail of your construction process. We excel in our communication with all members of the team so that you can relax and truly enjoy the process, start to finish.


Stylish Public Spaces

We’ve worked on local galleries, restaurants, spas, yoga centers and office spaces, usually in historic buildings. Our goal is to give them a modern take but maintain that soothing, rustic, Berkshire feel. We do that by using materials that are sustainable, natural and organic and by creating public spaces that feel personal.